"A ‘Hetal’s’ sign hangs outside a pretty bungalow in the by-lanes of one of the busiest roads in Ahmedabad. On walking into the veranda-turned-office, one feels like they are entering a Gujarati home as you are greeted with warm welcomes, a home smelling of all kinds of good food and well, food itself. A tasting menu of sorts - of the week’s fresh sweets - sits in front of you as you browse through all the different flavoured coffees and fresh seasonal sherbets that Hetal’s has to offer. As customers walk in - they are treated like family and most of them have become family since."

‘Hetal’s Homemade’ is a family business that started in 1999 with selling home-made Thandai and 22 years later, we remain the same but have expanded into selling designer sweets, sorbet and sharbat flavours, and signature flavoured coffees. Rooted in family food traditions, the ethos of our brand comes from the way Mrs. Hetal Jhaveri’s mother-in-law ran her kitchen - the Jain practice of ‘ahimsa’ ensuring that the products are made in a particular way. In 1999, Mrs. Hetal Jhaveri started with selling the seasonal sherbets and thandai she used to help her mother-in-law make. As they became popular, Mrs. Hetal Jhaveri converted it into the business that it is today - experimenting with recipes and flavours till she perfected them so well that they are still followed to every last detail. 

Often lauded as a sweets artisan, Mrs. Hetal Jhaveri also believes that food, like any other art, is a two-way process. Everytime she comes up with a new recipe, she takes feedback from her customers - often changing the recipe bit by bit as per the tastes of the client. In 2003, Mrs. Hetal Jhaveri gave in to her clients’ requests and started making unique sweets inspired from familial ties. In her words, “I decided to introduce one new flavour to the sweets menu every year on the occasion of Rakhi for the sisters.” Pioneers of home-made flavoured paste coffee and designer sweets and baklava in the city over the two decades, the venture has become a household name in Ahmedabad and a sought after gourmet food brand with customers across the globe.  

Supported by her husband, Mr. Monish Jhaveri who is adept at urging you to taste everything at least once, and her children - the charm of the business lies in forming homely ties with our customers and employees and retaining them for decades. After all, we owe our growth to our initial customers who urged us to spread our wings - at every stage! 

22 years later, our menu boasts of 32 homemade, unique, and premium quality sweets! Our 13 instant flavoured coffees are cherished by youngsters and adults across the globe for being easy to use and of course, a flavour bomb! Regarding quality above quantity in terms of franchise offers, collaborations, etc. has kept us rooted in our home where we ensure quality products and no compromise on the ingredients, making, or storage. 

In all these years, our customers’ word of mouth has helped us grow into a global community of 10,000 customers and that has rooted us in a unique mix of confidence, trust, and humility.