Life of the Party: Elevate Your Next Celebration With Our Mocktail Mixes

The image shows Hetal's Homemade mocktail range. The image shows 5 flavours from left to right , orlych, Green Apple iced tea, pina colada , mojito and orange frappco.

Most of our socialising has moved into our houses since last year. Be it a few friends or family visiting, a house party to bring in your lockdown birthday or even the new trends of intimate weddings – all of our fun gatherings are now happening at home.


An image of various mocktails presented on a bar table.

Since the gatherings are more intimate and entertainment scarce, many people are coming up with distinctive menus that bring in some of that restaurant charm. One of the many things to experiment with in a menu are drinks and beverages and the mocktail mixes at Hetal’s Homemade are the easiest way to do that. They add variety to your menu while being super easy to make.

For house parties and game nights – the straightforward coke has gotten admittedly boring and don’t we miss the fancy cocktail flavours! A secret (and healthy) shortcut to making those are our mocktail mixes. Here are a few combinations you can try to make your next pitcher of drinks!

  1.     The Best-Tea

Iced teas are the perfect cooling drink to serve at house parties, especially ones that involve games. A fresh take on iced tea with Hetal’s green apple flavour which is best friends with appetizers like hummus-pita and nachos with a spicy jalapeno dip. Mix in the good ol’ vodka to make it the classic welcoming drink for a game night.

An image of a glass with green apple iced tea in it. A perfect summer drink.
  1.     The Mighty Mojito

Summers call for mint infused lemonades and the Hetal’s Homemade Mojito is a much-loved mocktail mix. Mojitos are the best refreshing cooling drink to serve at dinners and parties and they go well with Indian food too! To serve it as a cocktail, add some of that white rum and make sure to make a pitcher of it as this will be popular.

An image of mojito presented on a table. A classic summer drink.
  1.     The Pinna Punch

Another summer drink that takes you straight to a beach is our in-house Pinna Colada that is a unique blend of pineapple and coconut. Sprinkle a bit of chaat masala and it will remind you of many summers spent drinking pineapple juice from street vendors. Perfect for a relaxed evening with friends, adding a bit of white rum will pack a punch.


An image of Pina Colada mocktail. A classic blend of an old time favourite.
  1.     The All-Rounder

Some flavour blends are so unique yet lovable that they can be used anywhere and everywhere. For us, that is Hetal's Homemade Orange Frappco. It has a variety of uses, especially if you’re aiming for your dinner or party menu to stand out. Our most favourite use of it though is with gin – it makes for such a distinctive flavour blend, your guests will keep asking for more.  


An image of two glasses with orange flavoured fruit drinks.


  1.     The Playful Orlych

Our Orlych has double trouble flavours of Orange and Lychee which in itself lends any mocktail a sweet and sour balance. Adding a dash of tequila will only make it more playful – perfect for that time to chant “Shots, shots, shots!”


An image of an orange flavoured drink presented on the bar table.


A diverse set of flavour combinations can be made to fit your menu for the evening – you can even give them fun names if you're having theme parties. Head over to our website to check out even more mocktail mixes that you can use to create fun drinks for your next soiree!


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