Garmi Ki Chuski: Reminiscing the 90s! One Sip at a Time!

Garmi Ki Chuski: Reminiscing the 90s! One Sip at a Time!

When we look back at childhood, the best of our memories would be of us surrounded by family, friends, and all kinds of snacks during endless summers which involved a lot of playing. For most millennials, the 90s was the golden period and childhood is remembered by a collection of sounds, smells, and tastes. A whiff of pav bhaji and cola still sends one a nostalgia trip to all our childhood birthdays. 

For the children of the 90s, Indian summer vacations were the highlight of the year. With our days looking similar to each other but memories for a lifetime, here’s what most of our days looked like:

Wake up and, have a cold coco or Milo and rush out to play 

Mornings were spent with cousins and friends competing over chocolate milk and then playing cricket, hide and seek, or “lock and key” to come back to a lot of aam ras over lunch. 

Cards, Carrom, Ludo, and sharbat defined the afternoons


Hiding away from the scorching summer sun, afternoons were spent lazing around playing board games and drinking sharbats. 

Cycling to the nearby laari for a snack and a drink was an evening ritual



Withe evenings came more outdoor games and cycle races which involved cycling over to the nearby goti soda laari. We spent our weekly pocket money for the fascinating moment of the vendor pressing the marble in to release all the trapped bubbles which would then tickle our noses. 

Standing up on the scooter to feel the wind while licking coloured golas

Right after dinner, the family piled up on various scooters to drive to the nearby gola laari along with some kharek and paan.


It is indeed true that these foods and their taste and smell has the power to take us back to the happier times of our childhood. Hetal’s Homemade also remembers the same memories and taps into them to recreate the 90s magic. Here are some of the products with which you can recreate your perfect summer vacation day from childhood, perhaps, over a free weekend? 



Loaded with chocolate chunks and roasted almonds - mix it with hot or cold milk and you can have yourselves a cocoa drink that was a morning staple in childhood. 



  • Rose and Khus sharbats are our afternoon shields

The only way to fight our blazing summers, especially, in the afternoons is to pick between the “red or green” sharbats. Mix in a couple of spoons of this to cool matka water and you’re good to go!



  • The Orange Frapco or the Orlych to the rescue

Tang or Rasna might have been our favourites growing up, especially, while playing intensely. Our Orange Frapco and Orlych mocktail concentrates mixed with cold water will have you gulping them down in seconds, ready for a second round in no time.




  • Soda lemon to Pop 

All you need is our Soda Lemon concentrate along with plain soda and you can playback the memories of a goti soda from the streets. Add in a pinch of chat masala to amp up the flavour!


  • Are you a fan of kaala khatta or kachi keri? 


Golas were and still are the perfect end to a hot summer day. The best part about it, apart from the fact it was literally ice, was all the colours we would get to show off on our tongues. Shave off some ice and freeze them after adding in our concentrates of kaala khatta and kachi keri - depending on whether you like a moody purple or a sour green!



A host of concentrates, sharbats, cocoas and more, the Hetal’s Homemade pantry is full of products that can recreate the 90s for you and with all of us stuck inside our homes anyway, why not revisit childhood? 

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