6 Innovative Mithais to Ramp Up The Festive Season

A creative display of gourmet sweets by Hetal's Homemade representing a fusion of sweets across the globe.

Make These Global Mithais the Fun Element at Your Next Festive Gathering

Indian Mithais do much more than satiating our cravings - they are a part of our lives. Any happy moment in our life is incomplete without it. Birthdays, graduations, Diwalis, promotions, Raksha Bandhan, weddings - all are incomplete without sharing a box of mithai with everyone. 

As our worlds become more and more Global - our taste palette has evolved too. We crave Baklava and Macaroons as much as we might crave our Mohanthal, Kaju Katli, and Motichoor ke ladoo. 

A choice between this or that, Indian mithai or foreign sweet treats is frankly impossible. And why should one have to choose at all? 

At Hetal's, we have tried to hit the sweet spot between homely and worldly flavours with our handcrafted global mithais. Our approach of ‘Indian Flavours, Global Influences’ balances the traditional with the modern. We have also taken it up a notch by ensuring that anyone and everyone can savour these by offering gluten free mithais and some vegan and sugar free ones too. 

Here are a few of the many fusion mithais that we offer at Hetal’s Homemade:


Cashew Orange


A creative representation of Cashew Orange, a twist to the traditional Kaju Katli. Hetals' Homemade sweets are 100% homemade.


You would think the classic Kaju Katli is already at its best - how could one possibly make it better? Fresh orange pulp is our way of adding a playful element to the classic. 


Almond Torte


An artistic demonstration of Almond Torte, a layered sweet. Hetals' Homemade sweets are 100% homemade.

Almond and chocolate is a flavour combination so rich, we couldn’t resist adding a layer of the German torte (chocolate ganache) to the almond katli. 


Mexican Nutty Nuggets


A tasteful representation of the mexican nutty nuggets made by Hetal's homemade. Hetals' Homemade sweets are 100% homemade.

A mix of nuts and raisins is timeless. How about we add some of that Mexican goodness to that? The perfect way to elevate the humble nutty nugget was to add a tinge of cinnamon to it. This one is vegan!


Pista Turkish


An original image of Pista Turkish by Hetal's Homemade, prepared with pure pista and desi ghee. Hetals' Homemade sweets are 100% homemade.

One of our much loved mithais, Pista Turkish pays homage to the Turkish way of making sweets - folding sugar syrup (chashni) for a long time until it gets a crunchy or flaky texture. 


Fruit and Nut


An image of Fruit and Nut, a layered delicacy. Hetals' Homemade sweets are 100% homemade.


Another popular flavour pairing is the fruit and nut. However, unlike the usual way of using fruits - Hetal's Homemade uses sun-dried fruits as an element rather than the whole nuts. Another vegan win!


Akhrot Crunch


An image of walnut crunch, a walnut katli sandwich. Hetals' Homemade sweets are 100% homemade.


Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? A fusion blend that works hard - the Akhrot Crunch comes in layers of crunchy caramel, dark chocolate, and Kashmiri walnuts that are cooked slow and steady. This one is also vegan. Winner, we would say! 

All of our Mithais keep up with standards of no artificial flavouring and no preservatives. In fact, natural flavours are extracted from fresh ingredients to craft these mithais. There are more distinctive fusion flavours where these came from - check them all out here in our catalogue

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