Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the Coffee in paste-form?

The coffee is in the form of paste so that you can use it easily in multiple ways. A spoonful of milk or water and you will not need to add anything else. The paste makes it easy to use for versatile recipes-some of our most popular milkshakes, icing for cakes and even ice-cream.

2. Where is Hetal's based?

Hetal's Homemade is based in Ahmedabad, India or as we like to call it, Aapnu Amdavad. We are a niche business that started and continues to operate from our home.

3. How long does the coffee remain fresh? Is there any difference in quality as time passes?

The shelf life of our homemade instant flavoured coffee is 8 months and it remains fresh and of good quality throughout this period.

4. What is the best way of storing this coffee?

Simply store it in a cool and dry place - our coffees do not require any refrigeration.

5. I am vegan. Can I still consume this coffee?

Yes definitely- in fact the instant flavoured coffee tastes great with water, ice, or different variations of milk like almond and coconut.

6. Is your coffee paste sugar-free?

To avoid compromising on the overall taste of our "instant" flavoured coffee and its ready-to-use nature, our products do have a minimum amount of sugar.

7. Do you deliver within Ahmedabad?

Yes, we do deliver within Ahmedabad.

8. Can you deliver within Ahmedabad on the same day?

Yes, we ensure same day delivery for any orders placed before 4pm.

9. Is it possible to order any of our products in bulk? What is the maximum quantity possible?

A bulk would need to placed 4-5 days prior to when you need it. If your order is amounting to more than Rs 15000/- please call us directly. More information on :

10. Are you open to collaboration with other brands?

Yes, we are a growing company and would love to collaborate with other brands. Please contact us directly on the e-mail or phone.

11. Do you do gift packaging?

No, we do not offer gift packaging, however, our boxes for sweets are thoughtfully designed and beautifully represent the rich heritage of India.

12. Do you deliver sweets pan- India?

Not yet, but we are working on serving our customers across India. We are trying to overcome many hurdles as we do so- like weather conditions and logistical hurdles while maintaining our no preservatives policy plus the made-to-order nature of our sweets orders.

13. Why does the sugar settle at the bottom of the jar?

Our homemade products do not have additives or preservatives and hence the natural ingredients tend to seperate. Simply mix with a spoon before using.

14. How many flavours of coffee do you have?

Our instant flavoured coffee has a wide range of 13 unique ready-to-use flavour bombs! Here is a link to all of them.

15. What other products do you make at Hetal's Homemade?

Additional to the instant flavoured coffee, our homemade brand has a range of designer and gourmet sweets that we manafacture from our workshop in Ahmedabad. Some of the sweets invented in Hetal's Hommeade kitchen are Akhrot Crunch, Pista Turkish, Chocolate walnut fudge, variety of truffle and Chocolate Crackles.

We also have a diverse range of other beverages, like - Kesaria Thandia, Masala Milk, Chocolate Bournville shake and different variants of mocktails and natural sharbets - some of which are seasonal. 

16. Do you take corporate orders?

Yes, we do take corporate orders, please get in touch with us on for any assistance pertaining to corporate and bulk orders.

17. How do I make this coffee?

Our instant flavoured coffees are all ready to use, only 2 simple steps.

- Take 1-2 teaspoon of Hetal's homemade flavoured instant coffee in a cup and add hot or cold milk or water to it.

- If mixing it with milk, blend it for 10 seconds for a delicious frothy coffee or just stir and mix with the milk. 

18. Is the coffee decaffeinated?

No, the coffee is not decaf.

19. How many cups can i make from a 250-gram jar?

Each 250-gram jar makes about 10-15 cups depending on the strength and the amount of coffee you like.

20. Do you have a smaller size for your coffees?

No. 250 g is our smallest packaging available.

21. How much do you charge for shipping?

We have a Rs 50/- shipping charge for one jar so it will depend on the quantity you order. On orders above Rs 5000/- shipping is free!

22. How many days do you take to deliver?

Your order will be shipped within 2 working days after receiving the order and try and deliver them within a week. We also show the estimated delivery time for each product on the product page itself.

23. Where do you ship?

We deliver all the beverages pan India. However, for queries regarding sweet orders please contact us on

24. I loved your products. Where can I share my feedback?

Thank you so much, we are so glad you enjoyed our products. It would mean a lot if you can leave a review on the page of the individual product you liked.

P.S.: Find us on social media and get a chance to be featured on our official page- all you to do is post a photo/story on your Instagram profile, and tag us @hetalshomemade and #weservejoy.

25. Do you have discounts of any kind?

A subscription to our newsletter will get you exclusive offers and content. For more options, follow our official social media pages regarding updates, offers, and discounts.