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Why Choose Paste Coffee?

Why Choose Paste Coffee?

Someone once said, 

“A cup of coffee, shared with friends, is happiness tasted and time well spent.” 

Coffee and friends do make the perfect combination - be it with maggi at late night outs or a hot brew served at a fancy brunch. Some swear by instant coffee and some by a slow drip French press - at Hetal’s Homemade, we run on our flavoured paste coffee! 

Gatherings of any kind with friends and family are incomplete without a round of chai / coffee - and the demands of what kind of coffee people want is never-ending. Some want chocolate in theirs, while some want spices, some prefer their coffee to be quick, while some want a slowly brewed one - and how do you serve them all? 

At Hetal’s Homemade, we wanted to strike a balance between what was ideal and what was practical - something that is packed with flavour, can be quickly made but still retains the taste of quality coffee! And that’s when our jars of flavoured coffee were conceptualized. 

We are often asked why our coffee is in paste form and here are a few reasons why: 

1. Convenience

Much of our day-to-day tasks in life require effort and we believe coffee, a part of our day that is ours to cherish and relax, shouldn’t be one of them. Our flavoured coffee in paste form simply needs to be stirred into whatever you want to drink it with - hot milk, cold milk, hot water, or cold water! 

2. Versatility

Our coffee pastes are not just used for beverages - they can be used as syrup with ice-creams, to make flavoured ice-cream or even used on cakes as icing. We have heaps of recipes on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Follow us for a new recipe every week.

3. Flavour Boost 

Our flavoured coffees retain its taste better in paste-form as it locks in flavour.

4. Ready To Use

Coffee granules or powder require it to be whisked or stirred vigorously to release the aroma and flavour from within the granules - however, in our paste instant flavoured coffee that is already done and it is ready to use.

5. Attractive Packaging

Our flavoured paste coffee in little jars has become a unique product in itself for people to gift on special occasions or even as a part of party favours at weddings, festivals, and baby showers. 

At Hetal’s Homemade our instant flavoured coffee is one of our dearest products as we put a lot of thought into coming up with a revolutionary idea. After a lot of trial and error our coffee paste was a success ( with 13 flavours! ) - all of this to deliver something we all love in the best possible form to our clients. 

For a full list of our flavours please visit https://hetalshomemade.com/collections/coffee

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