The Significance Of Thandai During Shivratri

The Significance Of Thandai During Shivratri

Maha Shivratri - one of the prime festivals of the Hindu Trinity is celebrated all around the world by many. The mythology around Maha Shivratri are many - one is that it is the wedding anniversary of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Thandai hence makes for an auspicious offering to the holy couple wishing marital bliss for them and their followers.

More significantly for Hindus, Maha Shivratri marks the holy night Lord Shiva performed his Tandav and drank poison during the Samudra Manthan to save humankind. To calm his rage of destruction, Lord Shiva was offered this cooling drink. Additionally, the festival also marks our calendars for the arrival of summer - traditionally brought in with a glass of age-old Thandai! 

At Hetal’s Homemade, Thandai is made of a blend of all things fine - kashmiri kesar, cardamom, saunf, pepper, rose petals, melon seeds, and almonds - no wonder it is the perfect holy offering to Lord Shiva for his sacrifices.

What makes Thandai our go-to drink for this Maha Shivratri? It’s all in carefully chosen ingredients!

Kesar - a valuable ingredient with its mood uplifting properties

The most power-packed ingredient in the Thandai at Hetal’s Homemade is kesar -with its anti-depressive properties and antioxidant properties which fights against environmental pollution and keeps our skin healthy. 

Saunf with its cooling effect gears us up for the summer!

The little green fennel seeds are power packed when it comes to various natural healing properties. The cooling properties of saunf work to keep the body heat down and improves digestion as well. 

Melon seeds make it a refreshing energiser 

The summer months in India are harsh. From hot and humid climate across the country to harsh and direct sunlight, the weather calls for some food changes that help us adjust to the summer season. Melon seeds are often consumed during this time to provide the body with some much needed energy and to refresh the eating habits to make them more suited to summer. 

Build immunity with a spice twist with pepper and cardamom 

As the month of March comes to an end, there is change in seasons from winter to spring to summer and with that comes a seasonal cold and fever. Spices like pepper and cardamom keep up our immunity which keeps the seasonal diseases at bay. Our traditional drinks and sweets are incomplete without our standard Indian spices and that is what these also bring to the Thandai made at Hetal’s Homemade. 

Add to it the festive spirit and Shivji’s blessings - Thandai makes for a fun and exciting drink to look forward to!



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